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Re: ‘The Future is Crimson’ and any other stories/fics I do

None of my fics/stories are ever on a ‘churn out one a day’ schedule, if that happens I might stuff up the story even worse than it already is at that point in time. < (Yup, I’m my own worst critic.) Or get lots of spelling errors like kyogre-ana does, in chapter 73 of Ayakashi they made about 3 errors (of the top of my head). So if you don’t see a chapter of the latest story (if there’s one), wait for a day or two. If the next chapter doesn’t appear the fic/story is dead and a new story will be on the rise. I won’t pick up a story again after that unless I choose to do a revival/overhaul, like with Crimson right now.

In summary, stories pretty much for as long as I’m inspired.

The Future is Crimson may be on the fall side of ‘rise and fall’ right now, active word being ‘may’. If I do run out of inspiration (I am roaming into the romance part of the story and you know how I am) then there’s a superhero story in the works for later.

However, you should congratulate me because I got further than Crimson with its revival (13 as opposed to 4) - in revival!Crimson, one subplot’s almost done, I just need to shove that harem out of the way and then tie all the ends. So I need to hurry and finish it before inspiration dies out.



Well since Japan’s going to remove their Visa (how do I put that ^^), I wish I could go to japan ❤️

Ofc, i would visit the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory, go to Conan Station, shop at Shibuya (it was Kazuha and Ran’s idea *chuckles*), visit Osaka (and I hope there would be a “Heiji-like” person to…

Don’t forget Akihabara since it’s the place all anime fans dream of…Inari Shrine and Kyoto because of Blue Exorcist…the Japanese marshmallows are good, I’ve heard, so I want to try one…and I’ve never had kaiten sushi before…

In summary, I have a lot of places I want to go to as well and foods I want to try in Japan.

But why did you make that post so hard to edit? I know blogging’s meant to be quick but…

The Future is Crimson trans. 13

Since the main inspiration for the harem was Mahou Sensei Negima this time around (note that I got a little further than the Kyoto arc before my manga app stopped working), there’s not going to be any teacher – student romance. I think for the original I would have been more Ranma Half inspired since I watched part of it then.

- Starting up transmission 13 -

Hanaka actually forgave him for this, her reasoning being that he wasn’t very good with his light magic and thus done the contract to improve his magic skills. (That’s what she thought anyway.)

Reika, however, had wandered off to ponder why Daichi would want to do such a thing…while Crimson was more worried about how Daichi would survive at school without magic. “You know the type of magic we’re waiting for, old buddy. All we need to do is activate it with something that affects you greatly in regards to your emotions.”

“Then how do you know when you’ve activated your powers properly?” Daichi asked him.

“When you have certainty of your power then you will know.”

“I know the perfect person to help you with your magic, Daichi!” Hanaka exclaimed in magic class as they waited to do target practice. Daichi raised an eye questioningly.

Just then, one of their classmates walked up to do the practice. On the signal he conjured some orbs of light and threw them into the air. They split and came hurtling down like shooting stars on to the targets, with the targets exploding into showers of sparks on impact.

As Daichi stared at the destroyed targets, Hanaka gave a nod. “That’s him. Toshio Shiromura.”

While Toshio came back to sit down, the girls all fawned over how awesome he was. Kai, Brielle and Reika were immune to it though.

Just then Daichi got called. He still had no idea how to activate his newly-discovered power, and his contract was void.

His eyes were on the ground as he tried not to focus on the fact he would be shunned forever if it was exposed that he had no powers.

However, something on the ground piqued his interest, and he picked it up. It was a small chocolate with a card. ‘If you ever get to read this, Daichi-’

The teacher yelled at him to hurry up, so he held on to the card for later while hurrying down the last few stairs.

Hanaka, only hoping for the best, blushed bright red. It could have just been that Toshio was right in front of her, but actually it wasn’t.

It was because Daichi had picked up her card.

Even though it was a highly inappropriate time to read the card, he kept reading it once he got to the bottom of the gym stairs.

‘-, know that whether you had powers prior to your contract or not (well, Reika thinks you don’t have any powers), you’re still a great person to have around, whether you’re imitating Crimson or not.

- Hanaka

P.S. I think this is the point where I ask you out. So, tell me ASAP so I can plan!’

Daichi was just gaping at the contents of the card at first, but then when he realised his hands were glowing with light magic, he was astounded by his own power…and everyone observed wide eyed as Daichi proceeded to smash down the targets.

- Ending transmission 13 –

I seriously didn’t think I’d get a chance to revive Fuyuki, but now I have an excuse to (as Toshio)! You’ll find out what he does later.

As for Daichi’s change in magic, I just wanted to change it up so even seasoned readers like haibara-aptx would get a surprise.


Oreki Houtaro in Aoyama Gosho’s Detective Index.

At the flap of the Detective Conan manga, the author lists down some fictional detectives and it seems that Oreki is featured now.

Some of the featured detective includes Sherlock Holmes, Arsene Lupin, James Bond, Robert Langdon, Hannibal Lecter, Shioriko Shinokawa and even Gregory House.

I thought Oreki was familiar, so I checked him up. Turns out he’s from Hyouka, a series I’ve never followed but did check up once because of someone else’s tumblr.

I need more anime/manga blogs to follow.


You know how these things work, like/reblog this & I’ll more than likely follow you :)

So yeah, I’m looking for

  • Detective Conan
  • Working!!
  • Toradora
  • Angel Beats
  • Elfen Lied
  • Claymore
  • & pretty much anime other anime/manga :)

I need more on my dash, as long as you have an anime/manga blog I’ll follow you.

See lolyeahshinichi as well since no one finds it after following Courage.

The Future is Crimson trans. 12

- Starting up transmission 12 -

“It’s as you said this morning. I’m lonely,” Hanaka explained. “I have to go back to my aunt every afternoon and I have to work hard academically. Of course, you know my fortes are grass magic and botany but I can’t handle anything else.”

“I’m sure she’s only worried about your future. You do have to be prepared after all,” Daichi suggested.

“But she’s a fire type so she never understands anything I do! She keeps thinking fire magic will only cause destruction and should only be used as such.”

The side of Daichi’s mouth curled upwards in a grin, and he winked at Crimson. “We’ll just prove her wrong with a display. To do that, we’re gonna need a little help from our resident fire type expert…but you two will need to be in absolute synchronicity.”

“Aunty! You just have to see this!” Hanaka shouted at her aunt.

“I’ve got no time for-” her aunt protested, but Hanaka dragged her away before anything else could happen.

“But I’m going to prove to you that fire type magic has similarities to grass magic, as well as other types. It’s a kind of project me and my friends have been doing.”

A blonde lady in her forties, presumably Hanaka’s aunt, was being dragged along by Hanaka to the park. Crimson gave two claps – the signal to begin.

Hanaka raised a conical tower of grass and flowers around her then Reika raised a similar tower of fire. With a wave of their hands, they brought the two together. However the two had slammed into each other due to the merge.

Three large flowers, imbued with both girls’ magic, bloomed on the front of the tower, glowing intensely like the moon.

The first two were bright red, courtesy of Daichi and Crimson standing behind where the merged tower was. These pulsed with an unearthly energy that was akin to a heartbeat.

The last yellow flower could ‘read’ everyone’s magic and turn it into their default type (as well as being extremely showy). As Daichi added his blood magic to the flower, he closed his eyes, not wanting to see what would happen to it.

…When he opened them again, he looked at the flower, killing the suspense. Reika’s fire magic, Hanaka’s grass magic and Crimson’s blood magic were there. However, there were some lights glowing like fireflies and dancing around the flower in the same way the other represented kinds of magic were.

He glanced down at his hands in guilt, and realised the small almost-healed scar on his left finger had disappeared. His contract had ended.

Meanwhile, Hanaka’s aunt merely walked away, a nostalgic smile on her face.

“You were great back there, Daichi!” Hanaka exclaimed. “I know you didn’t have a major part in it but we got the message across.”

Suddenly the atmosphere seemed to change as Hanaka changed the topic. “But…how could there have been light magic? You have the same type of magic as Crimson, right?” Everyone had seen him using blood magic in class. Nonetheless, she gave a small pause, then continued, “You were on a blood contract with him!”

Daichi just gulped and braced himself.

- Ending transmission 12 -

The Future is Crimson trans. 11

- Starting up transmission 11-

Crimson decided to look back at the wrong moment…and the shot grazed his face. Using his powers, he brought himself up to the roof to face the missing necrotus.

“What is wrong with you? Could you not see that last time I tried to forgive you?” the redhead asked her, Daichi looking on in his black protective coat and white magica’s coat.

“Well, stop being blind! It was all because you kept stealing the spotlight every time, even when you’d been kidnapped I had to stick with Chelsea and listen to her going on about you!” The redhead could only give a small frown at the revelation. “After I shot you, I got put in the care of the Kishimoto family. I couldn’t handle that, so I killed myself and the next thing I know, I’m stuck in a girl’s body!” She was breathing through her nose so heavily Crimson could hear it even though he was a few metres away, and her eyes were watering for no apparent reason. “So simply, you got me into this mess and you’re gonna get me out of it.”

“No matter what you do, you’re not getting anywhere.” That was Reika, who’d only come through the door after finding out her charge was on the school roof. “What we’re trying to tell you by putting you through this is that killing is a sin that can never go unpunished. You either have to live with that sin or get put through resurrection hell. Since I know you’ll never be able to handle option one, you got option 2 from my dad. I got into contact with him just then and he says he’s authorised to create necrotuses, so it’s all fine on my end.”

“H-How? Necrotuses are against the law, Reika. You of all people should know that,” Brielle pleaded with her.

“It’s a police thing, and very complicated.”

The necrotus fell to her knees then her face hit the ground, a look of sheer astonishment and fear frozen on it. Crimson glanced into Reika’s eyes then gave a small smile. His killer was in very good hands.

However, he couldn’t help but think that she felt remorse for what she’d done.

Another day, another morning for Hanaka to go around greeting her friends – the birds of paradise which called the corridors of ‘The School of Paradise’ home.

While she gave some water to Minotaur, Daichi came on to the balcony, humming. When he was asked as to what he was doing there, he subconsciously responded, “Never gonna give you up, never-wait, you weren’t meant to hear that, Hanaka!” His voice was raised after he changed the topic.

But it was too late. Hanaka pulled out his earphones and listened to the song herself – sure enough, it was that Rickrolling song.

“I actually came here for no reason but to prank you. You always seem quite lonely despite the fact you have such a cheery personality, so Crimson and I,” he waved to the redhead who was looking down at them from the roof, “thought that would cheer you up.”

The rest of that day was spent trying to get other people with Rickrolling.

“Ah, Hanaka?” Daichi asked her as they went home that day, “why do you keep coming to my house after school?”

- Ending transmission 11 -

I like Easter eggs (both varieties), memes and things so…that’s what that strange thing on Rickrolling was about, apart from light-hearted filler. If you click that link though, don’t say I didn’t warn you…


We’ve been over this before. It’s not Heiji’s birthday and its not Ran’s birthday and it will never be their birthdays until Gosho actually tells us some information instead of it vaguely being some couple of months. This also goes for every other character

in the meantime you may enjoy the pleasure…

Having previously believed that Heiji’s birthday was in April…yeah. Had to reblog for the warning. But a July - August birthday suits him better.

Speaking of which, where do they confirm Heiji’s birthday in canon?


Thank you so much to courage-a-word-of-justice here’s your magical photo, I hope you like ~ sorry for the late reply , see you around tumblr, thanks again ~ Kaitou Kid 

Thanks for sticking with this so long…but here’s a message to everyone out there. If you give a warning then suddenly disappear for an extended period of time, then people will lose faith in you! The real Kaito Kid would never do such a thing! So I’ll stick around as a follower to showtimekaitokid just to see you make good on that ‘once a week’ thing.

The Future is Crimson trans. 10 (omake)

I originally intended to have an omake for Ro.Te.O, but scrapped it because two series ran concurrently then.

- Starting transmission 10 (omake) –

Daichi: Oh, you’re filming at the moment, Kai? Why’d you start filming earlier than when you were told?

Kai: [writing and then showing the MB to Daichi and Reika] Just to see if it was working.

Reika: Kai! Over here!

*camera put down*

Kai: Dammit, I want hair like yours!

Daichi: [with a sweatdrop and a sheepish laugh] So that’s why she was doing that the first time I saw her.

:Hanaka’s Guide to Flowers Around  ‘The School of Paradise’: [Abridged by Daichi]

  • All flowers located somewhere in the building are named after creatures. Mythical creature names like Minotaur are used for the ones on the balconies.
  • All flowers in any other spot in the school are given human names.
  • All flowers in the school are birds of paradise and are kept in pots. (They need more diversity in flowers.) The ones inside are much better off than the ones outside because of acid rain. However, all plants have adapted to the acid rain.
  • There are flowers on the roof which require the most care. They go against naming conventions – they’re named after foods because of the picnics Reika has there.
  • There are no flowers on the floor with the swimming pool.
  • There are 37 plants found around the school building.

On the Other Side

 “The beach! A place for relaxation since the dawn of time,” Crimson declared, looking out over the vast expanse of strangely-not-acid-water (murky brown, but not detrimental to health) and brownish sand. “It looks just like it used to. Except the sand is a different colour and there’s less of it.” He shoved that last comment in quickly.

“I heard from Nic beaches used to have golden sand and blue water in some places. Is that what you’re thinking?” Daichi put in, with an affirmative response from the redhead. “Well, this water has been purified for any traces of acid…” he mused while Crimson ignored him.

A group of tanned guys the duo didn’t know came over hauling surfboards. One wearing a tennis visor raised an eyebrow for a second. “You aren’t from around here. You’re a non-magica. He’s a magica, we know him from the news. Plus he has those long scars on his upper arm.” (‘He’ referred to Crimson.) As Visor said this, Crimson checked and found that he (Visor) was right – despite the accelerated healing that was associated with blood powers, there was a straight slash on his upper arms. Visor finished, “That scar is the mark of a magica.”

Daichi was about to protest but Crimson made a gesture saying, ‘They won’t listen to you. Just go along with it.’

“Join us!” yelled one of the other guys to Daichi and Visor, who’d taken to the water already, so the former did. Crimson started running after them, but Visor stopped him. “Go join your own kind over that-a-way.”  The redhead got pointed to ‘that-a-way’, shoved in the pointed direction then left alone.

A wave of sadness and nostalgia numbed his mind as he went to set up the beach blankets. Those guys weren’t magica and they gave him hate just for being what they weren’t. Just like he’d been treated long ago…


Kai had come to the beach to do some training. However, seeing the great Crimson curled into a ball on a blanket made her forget what she was doing.

“Have you ever encountered those guys?” he enquired, gesturing at the guys who were trying to help Daichi surf.

Kai, being a regular to the beach, nodded and added by writing on her MB, “They don’t know what it’s like on the other side.” She gathered some of the ocean water into a wave and drenched the group, avoiding Daichi. “How does that make you feel, Crimson?” she wrote.

Crimson’s smile told her everything she needed to know.

The Making of ‘The Future is Crimson’ 1

Just thinking back, Crimson was originally meant to be my version of a kaitou. I tried bending the conventions but it failed, hence the eventual death of the original story.

After reading the TV Tropes article on cyberpunk, I thought it would be good to revive it through that genre. It morphed into future fantasy halfway through.  Kate’s name change to Kai was because it made for more surprise and both could be short for Kaitlyn. The tsundere part was an unintended morph but worked better than Kate did.

I made it close to 3000 AD because the real future would be different to the version I make it out to be and also because of a story I once did where the world was postapocalyptic. I didn’t want to copy that – from there I thought it should be a world where everything’s familiar yet not simultaneously.

On the Other Side was formed from a want of Daichi seeing ‘the other side’ – the tech users – and an image of Daichi talking to some strangers while the girls fought off bad guys in the background. Obviously the second part never got there but having Kai show her kinder side exists in exchange.

- Ending transmission 10 (omake) –

What I meant by ‘there’s less sand’ in On the Other Side is that the sea level rose.

Next time, it’s back to the main story.