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After wanting to add a transparent image for a while, I finally got one to work! Keep an eye out for Masayoshi Hazama, you’re going to see a lot of him on my tumblr from now on. 

If anyone could tell me how to get the Goto and Hazama Twitter icons from (‘Twitter Present no. 1’, the page only comes in Japanese) then please drop by one of my askboxes to tell me.

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Checking out the Magic Kaito tag after a while gives me a thought: What if Magic Kaito becomes as famous as its predecessor through this new anime? What if the English speaking world not only gets Magic Kaito 1412 (dub and sub), but also the OVAs that came before it (sub only)?! What if-

Okay, I ran out of ‘what if’s but there’s a whole world of possibility out there for a new anime. Besides, sometimes all you need to do is give someone an anime and more often than not they’ll happily join the fandom’s bandwagon…haha, personal experience will tell you that much.

So support Magic Kaito 1412, ‘cos you never know whether it might get picked up by one of the big companies in your country. 

Resurrected Angels: Rebirth ch. 14

Three things:

  • A rewatch of KonoMini revealed the name Mari (Melting Chocolate) is also from that series.
  • I have a new series in mind, a call back to my past and my love for magical girl series, which may or may not make it on to tumblr.
  • Plus there’s a new series I’ve looked into and am now dying to see someday – Samurai Flamenco!

“’The heck is wrong with your hair? It’s longer or something…Maybe your human self is trying to become more like your angel self, and because your angel form has long hair it’s very noticeable.” Martin moaned and tossed his head, revealing it was getting even longer.


After school Tetsuya, panting and in panic, found Katsuo at his apartment, having made sure his mum knew where he was first. “’The Devil and his Friends’, that book-”

“Calm down, bro,” Katsuo told him, “we’ll figure it out, alright?” He produced a copy of the book he’d just bought and handed it to his younger cousin. On the front, a pentagram with a line horizontally through it was etched into the leather.

After a defogging of Tetsuya’s glasses, the two looked through the book - nothing unscrupulous about the appearance of the book – then its text.

Tetsuya’s head began to throb as he realised there were spells woven into the text. He refocused his attention on the book and started pointing out the spells, naming each one in the process.

Katsuo shook his head, a smirk on his face, when he realised how Tetsuya could recognise them all - back in his time with Avisel, he’d only wanted to focus on being friends with the god whereas Gabriel wanted to learn as much about magic as he could.


“The ‘true form’ spell is in here loads of times, and the ‘prolonging’ spell is here a few times too. No wonder I’m getting affected, but how come Ryou isn’t?” Lucifer was a redhead but Ryou’s hair hadn’t gone red at all.

“More prolonging spells? Some seal that ascertains that this doesn’t affect fallen angels?” Katsuo was now just throwing wild suggestions at his cousin.

A raised pointer finger told Katsuo his latest suggestion was not as crazy as he thought it might have been, but then it was jabbed at the cover - the pentagram on the front did just that.

“Let’s talk to the demons about it!” Tetsuya declared.


Meanwhile, Asmodeus was on the roof in better fitting clothes and with a wide smile over his tanned face. The full moon was causing the demons’ power to seep out from the book and cause havoc!

Katsuo: If this continues, someone’s going to suspect something.

Martin: *halfway through a box of instant noodles and mumbling indecipherably*

Katsuo: I’ve never seen you with such an appetite before, Martin. You normally eat next to nothing!

Martin: *slurps loudly and sweeps long hair out of his noodles* I was saying, you’re right. I’m freaking myself out.

Tetsuya: I guess it’s because he’s reverting to his red-eyed form and not the timid version we’re used to. Once we’ve talked to the demons though we’ll have a solution…

Ryou: Hey, wait for me!


Okay, so I’m gonna need more Star Driver on my dash.

And to know more people who like Star Driver.

And just generally more Star Driver in my life.

I guess it’s because the Star Driver fandom on tumblr isn’t as big as some of the others, hey? Same with Hataraku Maousama!…

Anyways, check out here and here too. That last one doesn’t have any Star Driver on it (it just needs a lot of love) and my tumblrs don’t have too much to offer in regards to Star Driver, but at lest there’s someone out there listening to you.



I was wondering if the anime will feature the scarlet parts of the manga? why is it that they don't "go together"?


1) Yes, I’d imagine the Detective Conan anime would eventually get to the Scarlet arc of the manga in its anime broadcast.


I’m afraid I don’t understand your second question, sorry. :(

I believe that anon means, ‘Why doesn’t the anime have manga-canon files adapted whenever the arc is over in the manga?’ aka ‘Why don’t the anime and manga stay up-to-date with each other?’

My own answer to that would be that because the anime started about two years after the manga, they would get all muddled up if the anime team tried to keep up with the manga…then of course, there’s the matter of waiting for an arc to be over in the manga so that the anime will never overtake it, hence the anime originals and remasterings.


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I was just about to untrack the ‘katekyo hitman reborn’ tag but what the hey, it gives some good blogs to help out, so I guess I won’t after all.

If you want more from me, try here and here. The second link has nothing to do with KHR but it’s there in case you want to check it out.


I love Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I’ve rewatched it numerous times, I have a lot of merch and it’s just very important to me. 

I also like Lambo a lot and he’s one of my favourite characters in the series.


Imagine how much better the entire series would be if Haru had been chosen as the Thunder guardian instead of Lambo. I know Lambo’s got the whole lightning volt thing going on but lets ignore that for a second. Imagine if instead of becoming a second Kyoko, Haru went on to become the Vongola Thunder guardian. Imagine how her character could have developed.

Imagine what it would have been like if we got to see Haru and Chrome bonding. Imagine seeing Haru training and learning to fight like the others. Imagine seeing one of the few females in the series actually being portrayed in a way that isn’t completely sexist?

I like Lambo and I acknowledge that he can fight when he’s older but honestly I think everything would have been so much better had Haru been given the ring instead of him. Lambo is a child and a lot of the time he doesn’t really understand the whole ring thing, but Haru is different. Haru is older, she’d understand and it would be great to see her learning how to harness her abilities. Plus she’d enjoy being able to actually protect Tsuna.

I just…

Thunder Guardian Haru

I personally find Lambo a sort of thrown in character…his only redeeming point is his 10 year bazooka, because it moves the plot forward + I love transformations…so I’d have to agree there.

…Plus I wanna see Gokudera and Haru fighting with rings, that’ll be fun.


Here it is, the story ‘Protector’!…If people are liking this then its characters might just appear here.

An angel of purest white hovered above the sand of a picturesque isolated beach. Every feature about her was otherworldly, from her clothing right down to the tiny bell on her bracelet.

“Seraphina…” the boy Tenchi murmured in his sleep. Her master had explicitly instructed her to grant Tenchi’s every wish so the boy would have no earthly desires. After all, someday Tenchi would have to take over the position his father, her master, currently had. At the moment the boy looked human – specifically he was dark haired and covered in skin imperfections - but his true self could look like anything.


Tenchi arose only to find Sarah – his friend and a girl but not the two words together - at his side like some eager puppy. The brunette never spoke much but actions spoke louder than words, didn’t they?

“W-What are you doing here? I thought I-never mind…” he muttered before shaking his head. “Just a person from my dreams.”


Tenchi kept feeling the stares of someone familiar as well as Seraphina’s, watching him. The fact a sudden rumour about him being the son of an absurdly powerful magician made life even worse. He knew he was adopted, but…

After feeling the piercing feeling of another stare, he glanced back at Sarah, only to find her softly dozing off. A bracelet with a bell was hanging off her wrist though, and when he spied it, he started to think of where he’d seen it before…


The next time he greeted Seraphina with eyes shut, he glanced around for the same bracelet. Yes, it was there.

“S-Sarah…you’re Seraphina?” he spluttered. How could he have never noticed that?

“I’m afraid your friend Sarah never existed. I am her. If I had never been around, you would have been lonely and your powers would have developed by now.” Suddenly the bell on her bracelet began to jingle softly even though he’d never heard it before. Her time was almost up.

“Your father – real father – is Avisel and you have to take over his position someday. I was created to keep watch over you until the day you finally made the connection between your dreams and reality. So, farewell…” Her voice had been growing quieter and quieter until it was synonymous with the whisper of the wind, and her body disappeared while Tenchi flinched from a strong gust of said wind.

Tenchi’s mind raced as he processed what had just happened. Seraphina was Sarah, hence his friend was dead. He was the son of the greatest god in all the universes, he’s made a connection between the angel in his dreams and his friend so she was gone. No, no, no…

A soft jingle broke his despair…the bracelet had been left behind. He slid it on and opened his eyes.

The bracelet was still there.

To tell the truth, Seraphina and Tenchi have actually existed since around the time of Ro.Te.O, just not together until now.

More from the MK 1412 (note I’ve used both ‘magic kaito 2014’ and ‘magic kaito 1412’ as tags but gradually only used the latter) frontier, I found the former on the ytv site dated 3rd September. The second is a cel from the A-1 Pictures site’s ‘Special’ section for Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus (ep 9)…I sure hope they release cels for Magic Kaito 1412!

The images above are only screenshots, go to the sites if you want the actual images…