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Superhero Project ep. 6

- Episode 6: Without Even Trying –

Remembering Keisuke’s advice, Techno concentrated on the small board behind the angel. Suddenly, it detached from the wall, crackling electricity and causing nearby spectators to evacuate.

Loki, squinting at Techno, realised the hero had a smirk on his face and found himself grinning along with him. The god had no idea what the battler was planning, but the atmosphere gave the impression there was at least a small chance of Techno winning.

As Azrael landed, his eyes faded to brown, and suddenly he was curled up whimpering about what would fall next. With a gesture that looked like Techno was flipping a table with his left hand, the screen flew into the air like it was controlled by Carmen’s telekinesis. He was about to bring it down on Azrael but then the Spirit intervened by head-butting the technopath. (The Spirit may have been a bunch of shadows, but the head-butt still hurt.)

“Foul! Intervention,” came over the loudspeaker with the Spirit and Azrael forcefully removed from the ring by bodyguards in the sunglasses-suit-combo. “Automatic win to Techno.”

Just after Steve left the ring the same way he’d come, he dashed up to Azrael. “You know you don’t have to be so gloomy.” Suddenly, he beamed at the angel. “I’d be happy to be your friend.” The still teary angel gave a thinking face like Keisuke had done earlier that day, and then whispered into Steve’s ear. “I’ll see you later!” the bespectacled boy called, waving as he left. One small step for him, one giant leap for his dream.

Later, Steve stepped into the concrete courtyard with his costume in hand, only to get pelted with mid-autumn torrential rain and have to put it over his head instead. To his left was the path leading to the dorms so he dashed up it, his feet crunching on the gravel as he took another left to get to the male dorms. He was heavily panting by the time he made it up the stairs and in his room.

After passing by the mirror, he paused then put on the headset that he’d received from the stadium. His glasses caught the twilight, making him imagine the many adventures to come…and seeing Techno actually win some battles for once.

He was snapped out of his stupor by a voice shouting: it was the guy in the room opposite his, Tetsuya, trying to get his friend Ryou to understand something. Steve would have told them to quieten down but it was already time for dinner.

The next day, Theo delivered some packages to the four boarding members of the project. While they (and Keisuke) had been busy acquainting themselves with their powers, he’d been working on a device which, when attached to an ordinary phone, would enable them to talk to each other even in circumstances where a phone wouldn’t work. In Carmen’s case she’d be able to use telepathy if she were holding a phone with the device on it.

- End –

Some gods in Kamigami no Asobi are represented in this story. The reason for having Loki in the story was to poke fun at that show and to combine its particular incarnation of him with Matantei Loki…

- Profile 5 (omake) –

Name: Loki (his surname for school purposes is ‘Laevatinn’, the name of his staff)

Age: ?? (appears to be in his teens)

Powers: manipulation and creation of fire, shapeshifting… (Theo may have put some limiter on him to make him on par with the other members of the project.)

Personality: A trickster and charmer at heart. Loki, despite his reputation, is actually a rather nice guy but has to warm up to people (pardon the pun) first hence the reason why he’s at Castlechase. He’s very chilled, calm and able to kick butt unless any water god or any large body of water is involved – he’s hydrophobic. Like the element he represents, he can be destructive if given the right incentive.

Relationships with other members of the project (and Susanou):

  • Theo: Not the best relationship between these two. Loki’s always been shunned by other Norse gods including Odin (Theo) but knows that if he were to bring up his reputation with humans that wouldn’t be the case. Odin still has faith in him though.
  • Keisuke: Loki wants Keisuke to talk. Conversely, Keisuke senses that he and Loki are similar in some way.
  • Steve: Loki likes his attitude and friendliness. Steve doesn’t really like him though due to his reputation.
  • Carmen: No interactions as of yet. Carmen doesn’t like guys like Loki, she thinks they’re show-offs.
  • Minako: If she weren’t brainwashed the two would be good friends. With brainwashing, the two don’t really trust each other but the two haven’t had any interactions yet.
  • Susanou: The major god to interact with Loki. Susanou keeps Loki in line whereas Loki makes Susanou act out of line – the perfect representation of frenemies.

Superhero Project ep. 5

- Ep 5: Death Angel –

The commentator was in a hurry when he next appeared in front of the three boys (and Mystic), pulling out a pink sheet from his clipboard and scribbling down the god’s name. Said god threatened the commentator with a fireball but to no avail.

Keisuke pointed out the heading on the sheet (‘God Battles’) then at some poster on the wall with a schedule saying that said battles only happened at hourly intervals from 4 to 10 pm, whereas normal battles only occurred from 5 to 10 pm. One piercing stare at the fire god later, Steve finally got what he was trying to say. “You’re saying Loki’s only here for the battles, right? But gods don’t need an education…” the blonde mused smarmily as Loki covered the blonde’s mouth.

Keisuke disappeared like a ghost before the next battle – Loki’s battle. Unfortunately for Loki, his opponent was none other than Susanou! Said god had short royal blue hair and a stuck-up attitude to go with it.

While Steve mulled over Keisuke’s sudden leave (he forgot that Keisuke didn’t board at Castlechase), Loki got a wipe-out by a wave Susanou summoned.

The fire god moaned, “I knew I should have never trusted Odin when he said I could be part of something special.”

After the blonde actually got himself popcorn and scoffed it, they finally announced the battle for Techno against ‘Azrael’. In other words, he was up against the angel of death.

“’Techno’? What a stupid name,” Loki snickered as Steve snuck under the ropes of the ring.

“I only had a very short time to pick an alter ego for myself!” the hero in question yelled back, hearing him because of the sudden silence.

Why there was silence could only be answered by Techno’s opponent – a menacing aura came from his red eyes, black wings and silver hair. The grim reaper costume and black boots blended into the darkness, but a slash on his left wrist glimmered red in the low light.

Descending from an open hatch in the ceiling, he roared, “Spirit! Where have you been all this time?” Not even a glance was given to Techno as the headsets settled in place.

The Spirit began to quiver, assumedly in fear of its master. Minako tossed the cape off as it flew back to its master’s side, the cloak reappearing on the Spirit once it left her hand.

The angel’s gaze focussed on Techno briefly, analysing his black clothing and blue tinted glasses, then he showed the cut (it had healed by that time) to the hero just to show that he didn’t consider the boy a threat. The Spirit nodded like a sheet in the wind.

Conversely, Techno couldn’t mask the fear on his face. He’d met bullies who’d given him hell but this time was going to make it literal.

Just then, the loudspeaker gave the signal to begin.

- End –

Theo is ‘Odin’ to Loki, ‘Izanagi’ to Susanou etc.

- Profile 4 (omake) –

Name: Minako Aizawa (aka Arsenal, although Steve just calls her the first four letters)

Age: 15

Power: the ability to turn any part of herself into a weapon (which Theo had nicknamed ‘weaponisation’ on the syringe)

Personality: The pretty, popular one. Minako’s not very good in academics bar psychology (she goes on holiday a lot which is why the story began like it did) or cooking but is very determined and sporty (she’s tall for her age which might be a factor). She’s narrow-minded but everyone flocks to her for her honesty and the fact she considers anyone she doesn’t know too well to be a friend. The Death Spirit never intended to brainwash her…

Relationships with other members of the project (and the Death Spirit):

  • Theo: Doesn’t mind him so long as he doesn’t tell her off. Conversely, he admires her perseverance. She wants to do psychology in Theo’s class but Theo’s kinda caught up in the ethics of biology at the moment…
  • Keisuke: Being a romantic, Minako imagines Keisuke and Carmen as a couple (the brainwashing got in the way). She considers Keisuke a friend because she doesn’t know him well, but the reverse isn’t true. Maybe their incompatibility was why the two never got along.
  • Carmen: Having known each other since childhood, the two are best friends. Their recent battle must have shaken their friendship.
  • Steve: Doesn’t even know he exists despite the fact he’s been in the same school as her for as long as Carmen has. The brainwashing has made her act cold and harsh towards him.
  • Loki: No interactions so far but she probably wants to suck up to him so that her reputation gets better.
  • Death Spirit: It gave her its cloak because it could sense Azrael was coming and he only identifies it by its cloak. Minako, had she not been brainwashed, would want to see the Spirit…but it’s only a shadowy mass so it can’t be seen unless it wears its cloak. Currently in the story, the two are allies.

KHR story idea - body sharing


I can’t really explain it, but to me, Tsuna will always look like Daisuke from DNAngel. That makes Reborn… Dark. So, body-sharing antics are a go?

Read More

I can see the Daisuke/Tsuna thing working…but Dark/Reborn? Nope, nope, nope. I can’t see Dark toting a gun or Leon…or Reborn doing Dark-style antics…he’d probably use Wiz for target practice, poor rabbit-creature.

I can see my OC Crimson being Dark, although that was deliberate. Daichi (an OC who should have been done in the style of Daisuke) doesn’t match as of his latest incarnation but there was a time when the two were similar.

I LOLed at the Colonello/seagull thing though, and the I-Pin thing makes sense. What about Verde? Or Lal?

Superhero Project ep. 4

- Episode 4: Friend vs Friend –

Just like the figure, Minako had her face hidden in the hood of the cloak so nobody could really tell what she looked like but Carmen could sense that uneasy feeling of a friend going up against a friend. She herself was rather unnoticeable amongst the crowd of stereotypical hero materials, having picked from the closet a magenta leotard and ballet flats as well as a white domino mask. What made her stand out were the white scarf and headband – this wasn’t the one she had worn earlier but rather it had a small fascinator hat attached to it.

The two entered using the same flip at the same time, and the crowd went wild as the headsets moved into place. The signal to begin came over the loudspeaker, but neither of them moved.

After a heavy silence, Mystic whipped off her scarf, holding it over her head physically at first, then after discovering how to use her telekinesis, she held it up that way. She whispered, “I’m sorry but one of us has to lose.”

She brought it down forcefully many times, Minako dodging it by rolling on the ground or kicking it. After Mystic stopped, Arsenal’s foot was in front of her face…and then Carmen got a kick to the face.

“You’re the one who’s losing,” Minako told Carmen, her eyes as cold and distant as Keisuke’s. Her arm morphed into a rifle barrel and sent her shooting backwards.

Meanwhile Steve was at the edge of his seat. “If I had popcorn right now, I’d be shoving it into my mouth. The tension’s just that good.” Keisuke waggled a finger in front of his face with one hand to say that they should try to support Carmen instead of believing this was a movie, using the other hand to facepalm simultaneously. Loki just watched on, an uninterested expression on his face.

Back in the heat of battle, Carmen was furiously thinking of an idea to bring Minako down. They’d gone to the same gymnastics club once – hence the use of the same flip and the synchronisation – but since only Carmen had continued with it, she had to have something up her non-existent sleeve. Just as Arsenal grabbed Mystic’s scarf out of mid-air where it was still hovering, the latter finally had an idea and physically snatched it out of the former’s grasp.

After doing a handstand Carmen walked over to be next to Minako, hovering the scarf at a safe distance away from her hands. Mystic then beckoned to Arsenal and when she almost did the handstand, Carmen flipped back up with one leg to the side, knocking Minako off balance.

Just as Arsenal regained her composure, Mystic tied her wrists using the scarf and telekinesis. However, Minako broke free and shot her again, this time aiming for her right leg.

The winner was Arsenal.

- End –

- Profile 3 (omake) –

Name: Steve McCulloch (aka Techno)

Age: 15

Power: Technopathy – the ability to control machines and communicate with them by having either a mental or physical link.

Personality: The comic relief as well as the comic nerd. He wears thick lensed glasses and can’t see without them. His personality is hit-or-miss with others. Becoming a superhero has been his dream since he was little. Another dream of his is to be as good-looking as superheroes do, although that won’t come true any time soon. (It doesn’t help that he’s quite short.) His intelligence has caused him to get into trouble with teachers.

Relationships with other members of the project:

  • Theo: Ever since he heard he could get superpowers, the two have hit it off. Before that their relationship was the complete opposite, with Steve even having to correct Theo’s mistakes on one particular occasion in the past. (Theo is God…he knows everything but never has to use all that knowledge.)
  • Keisuke: Steve seems to idolise Keisuke for being the strong and silent type and believes that the younger boy could be the leader of a superhero team. However, the two could tentatively be counted as friends.
  • Carmen: The two have a constant competition going on between them regarding test scores in whatever subject they both end up in (one of which is science currently). The two could be friends who argue a lot…
  • Minako: Cannot speak to her, not even to save his life. Conversely, Minako doesn’t even think about him, not even when they’re part of the same team – the brainwashing only makes it worse.
  • Loki: Currently no interactions with him although noting their personalities, they should get along pretty well.




(Relationships’ Chart)

Genta to Ayumi = love

Mitsuhiko to Ayumi = love

Ayumi to Conan = Love

Mitsuhiko to Ai = longing

Ayumi and Ai = intimate friends

Ai to Conan = love?

Conan to Ran = love?

Conan to Ai =???


هذي اخرتها يا جوشو آي تحب كونان😢 Source

Technically ‘suki’ (好き) is ‘like’, not ‘love’. ‘Nakayoshi’ just means ‘friends’, but I can see why you’d say ‘intimate’…because their friendship is different to those of the other members of the Shonen Tanteidan and Ran. As to what ‘akogare’ (あこがれ) is, I don’t have a clue so I’ll assume it’s the given translation.

Oh really!! I just translated the text I found in the given source… Thank you for correcting me… here is the text If you would like to have a look

柯南sdb50 人物關係,元太喜歡步美,步美喜歡柯南,光彥喜歡步美,光彥憧憬哀,哀步美朋友友好親密,哀喜歡柯南問號,柯南喜歡哀3個問號,柯南喜歡蘭問號。這是要哪樣啊 “

I don’t understand Chinese, but that what I got after using google translate…

Again thanks a lot ^_^

喜歡 means ‘like’. I think 哀步美朋友友好親密 means ‘Ai and Ayumi are best friends’…or at least ‘good friends’, I’m not too sure. Otherwise I either don’t understand it or it’s the same as the translation.

Superhero Project ep. 3

- Episode 3: The Last Member –

There didn’t seem to be any reason to fear because Fast-forward – a silver-masked hero in a grey suit and white cloak who exuded charisma – was facing up against someone even younger than normal Keisuke. Said opponent had dubbed himself Electro Boy. In stark comparison to Fast-forward, he wore a shabby, obviously homemade version of some kind of yellow superhero suit.

At the commentator’s command, camera headsets attached themselves to the battlers’ heads and the screen declared for the battle to begin.

Electro Boy struck first with an electrified punch to the torso. Keisuke grabbed him by the arm before he got away and tossed him to the side. When they stood to face each other after that, Keisuke had surprisingly reverted his age to dodge and had the haughty expressions of a victorious child in a punch-out…then the two ended up engaging in a real punch-out.

After that, while Fast-forward grabbed his head in surprise (according to what his appearance was showing, Keisuke had kept his hair short in the past), the opponent struck again. This time, Fast-forward grew older, grabbed him by the leg and slammed him to the ground. The screens behind him announced Fast-forward the winner.

As Fast-forward fondled the pipe that had appeared in his mouth during the last transformation, he gave a shrug to Steve, as if to say, “I had no combat experience but I still won.”

Just as Keisuke sat back down, Theo rushed back with a redheaded student who was complaining, “Why do I have to be part of this project of yours?” The student’s accent seemed to be Swedish or something from around that area.

“You’re such a troublemaker, Loki, even in mythology. Now you sit here or I’ll get Susanou to waterboard you,” he threatened. Steve turned around to give a quick glare at the student, because he knew that the name Loki normally referred to the Norse god of trickery and fire. The other god in question was the Japanese god of the sea. After realising Steve had been listening in, Theo hastily explained, “Loki needs to be reformed so he’s joining you in the project.”

The fire god protested, “I thought this project was only for humans?”

“You have something they don’t: combat experience. You can assist them.” With that, the almighty god dashed off again.

Over the loudspeaker, Mystic was announced the next fighter, her opponent’s name being Arsenal. Keisuke gave a thinking face before everyone saw who ‘Arsenal’ really was – it was Minako, wearing the cloak of the Death Spirit.

- End –

- Profile 2 (omake) –

Name: Carmen Blake (aka Mystic)

Age: 15

Power: psychic powers (specifically telekinesis, psychic healing and empathy)

Personality: Carmen is known to be intelligent but, like Keisuke, doesn’t talk much. She talks more than him though. She doesn’t like showing how she feels unless they’re extreme feelings. However, she does have habits of crying for no reason and writing in a small spiral bound notebook during classes (not simultaneously). She has two younger sisters, so she finds it her job to shoulder responsibility.

Relationships with other members of the project:

  • Theo: She gets slightly intimidated by Theo’s forcefulness and doesn’t like the fact he disappears a lot. She still tolerates him though because he’s a good teacher. The revelation that he is actually God may have shaken her trust with him.
  • Keisuke: The two are on good terms with each other because of their similarities.
  • Steve: She finds Steve’s overbearing personality annoying, and the two are very competitive regarding tests because they always have similar scores.
  • Minako: The two used to be best friends before the story began…maybe something happened between them?
  • Loki: Hasn’t had any interactions with him yet, although his complaining gets on her nerves.

Superhero Project ep. 2

Actually there’s another ‘project’ in the backlog of stories I’ve done, but using the word ‘project’ for something set at a school really does give it the right atmosphere, doesn’t it?

- Episode 2: Danger –

After the four all got the same treatment as Keisuke, Steve, being the nerd he was, tried thinking of a name for their group. “If we’re going to be heroes, the name has to be something cool! Also, we need alter egos and costumes!”

“The only thing I could help you with is the costumes,” Theo muttered, clicking his fingers then pointing out a cupboard in the nearby hallway. After they suited up, he brought them all to a stadium underneath the school. “To be honest with you four, superheroes have been at this school for ages, you just never noticed them.” He glanced around then disappeared like he had super speed (which he probably did).

However, Minako had gotten lost on her way there and bumped into a figure in a black cloak. “D-Do you know where Mr Christian is?” she stammered. (Mr Christian was Theo.)

It shook its head and showed her another entrance to the stadium, her eyes gradually growing dull with the brainwashing force the figure exerted. The centre stage was set out like a large boxing ring, despite the fact there was never any real boxing going on. In the spectator seats around the ring, the four took some empty seats. (When asked, the figure refused to sit.)

Carmen, who had chosen to have psychic powers, sensed that Minako was nearby and called out for her, but the darkhaired girl never responded amongst all the noise of the current match.

A peppy commentator was walking around, getting everyone’s names for upcoming matches. After he asked their names, Keisuke – who was still in his older form - uninterestedly raised an eyebrow at him and he guessed, “You’re new here, aren’t you? So is that girl over there. She’s with the Death Spirit so you shouldn’t disturb her.” He pointed out Minako and the black cloaked figure. The three gave suspicious glances at the so-called ‘Death Spirit’.

With that, Steve finally decided on names and passed them on to the commentator – Techno (Steve), Mystic (Carmen) and Fast-forward (Keisuke). Keisuke was declared to be the next fighter.

“Keisuke’s power isn’t suited for combat! He’s gonna get pummelled!” Steve wailed as the darkhaired adult leapt on to the stage, long hair dramatically flowing behind him before it settled.

- End –

- Profile 1 (omake) -

Name: Keisuke Matsugawa (aka Fast-forward, since he was in an older state when Steve decided on the names)

Age: 14 (born January 1998) (currently 18 in story)

Power: Age shifting – can physically change himself to become what he looked like/will look like/looks like at a certain age of his choosing. Whatever he’s wearing when he does so will change in size accordingly. As to whether he can do the same to others…

Personality: Keisuke’s been a distant person since he first started going to school, and never says much, opting for body language to say things for him. He’s not mute although why he never talks is currently unknown. He also never really seems to care about anything and lets others choose if they can. He only started at Castlechase at the beginning of the school year and is the only member of the team to not board at the high school.

Relationships with other members of the project:

  • Theo: He seems to get along really well with him. Despite the fact Theo can be a bit of a forceful person, Keisuke knows he means well.
  • Steve: Steve seems to idolise Keisuke but also would be the closest thing to a friend Keisuke has. Keisuke has talked to him before.
  • Minako: Keisuke doesn’t seem to enjoy her presence and just considers her a science classmate. Conversely, Minako considers him to be a friend because of the fact they’re in the same superhero team. (Her brainwashing hasn’t changed that thought.)
  • Carmen: The two seem to understand each other. They act quite similarly too.
  • ??

Superhero Project ep. 1

Straight after typing The Future is Crimson I went to the next story ideas…ahaha. This is the end result, a superhero story with a main school setting…and I worked hard to give a triple dose of it for you all! It kinda reminds me of The Magic League (the first fic I ever did)…

- Episode 1: God is a Lowly Science Teacher –

A darkhaired girl in a royal blue and white uniform stared up at the brick, multilevel high school building. After giving a small sigh and finding the female dorms behind said building, she yelled, “Minako Aizawa’s back, Castlechase!” (Castlechase was the name of the school.)

While her friends came out to greet her, the other students who were just arriving for the day’s lessons just stared at this huddle of girls. One of them, a boy with a distant expression and his sight obscured by long dark hair, only gave a glance and wandered off. As a new student, he didn’t have any friends to have happy gatherings like Minako did.

Another pupil watched on from one of the higher floors of the dorm building, having being woken up by Minako’s shout. With a shrug and a smirk, she went to prepare herself for the long day ahead by picking up a brush and proceeding to comb her short brunette hair into something acceptable.

On the other side of the school where the boys’ dorm was, a blonde boy was still asleep. However, a bespectacled teacher unlocked the door and woke him up by whispering a strange prospect into his ear: “How would you like it if I could give you superpowers?”

Keisuke (the black-haired boy) was still having a headache from Minako’s earlier yell when he noticed that Minako was in his science class. She was just extremely quiet and attentive, so he’d never noticed her even though the school year had started a few months back. Not to mention she’d only just moved back into the female dorms today.

One seat back from Minako, Carmen (the brunette, now wearing a blue headband as well as the uniform) was writing something into a mini notebook: ‘I’ve always wondered why our science teacher’s first name was Theo. ‘Theo’ does have to do with God, after all…’

“What’s this?” Steve (the blonde boy, now wearing glasses) asked, picking it up and reading it. “Yeah, I’ve wondered that too.”

The science teacher in question was listening in, and plucked the book from Steve’s hands. “I know you’re a smart girl. You don’t need me to tell you why my name has to do with God although I’m a science teacher, do you?” Carmen was afraid her book was going to get confiscated but she had nothing to fear.

Her face was red from embarrassment but it went ignored by most people’s eyes. However, Steve caught on to it and playfully teased her. Keisuke and Minako had calmly been observing all these events unfold.

Four students poked into Theo’s office later, taking in all the equipment that had been set up on and around his desk. Minako almost ran out when she noticed there were labelled syringes in stands among the equipment.

“Don’t be afraid of these,” the teacher told her, pulling out one and dangling it in front of her face. “They can’t hurt you unless they’re used by the wrong people.” From the way he’d just appeared from underneath the desk, it seemed he was trying to scare the heck out of her. “Now, Steve, you remember what I said? I can do it with these. Pick one…”

Theo then noticed how his students were positioned and had to give first choice to Keisuke. Randomly picking one without reading its label, he handed it to Theo silently. “Strange choice, but I knew you’d choose this one,” the teacher mused.

Carmen uneasily adjusted her headband and closed her eyes as Theo injected his student with the selected syringe…then muttered something into Keisuke’s ear.

Strangely enough, Keisuke grew older in front of the other three students’ eyes.

“I’ll answer you, Carmen, because you’re next. I am the god of gods, and you four are my project,” Theo adjusted his glasses while he patched up the injected spot and Keisuke silently puzzled over his newly mature body. “A project to see whether those strange stories humans make up are actually correct, and see whether anyone really can turn teenagers into superheroes.”

- End -


(Relationships’ Chart)

Genta to Ayumi = love

Mitsuhiko to Ayumi = love

Ayumi to Conan = Love

Mitsuhiko to Ai = longing

Ayumi and Ai = intimate friends

Ai to Conan = love?

Conan to Ran = love?

Conan to Ai =???


هذي اخرتها يا جوشو آي تحب كونان😢 Source

Technically ‘suki’ (好き) is ‘like’, not ‘love’. ‘Nakayoshi’ just means ‘friends’, but I can see why you’d say ‘intimate’…because their friendship is different to those of the other members of the Shonen Tanteidan and Ran. As to what ‘akogare’ (あこがれ) is, I don’t have a clue so I’ll assume it’s the given translation.

The Future is Crimson trans. 16

- Starting transmission 16 (final omake) -

This omake’s gonna be shorter…just another ‘Making of…’.

The Making of ‘The Future is Crimson’ 2

I still feel as if the pacing blundered itself near the end…and there was a sudden point where everything went in a completely different direction in regards to the atmosphere…I guess I shouldn’t try doing any more romance or complicated police stuff. (But remember, I’m my own worst critic.) Plus I bet there are more plot holes than a trypophobic person can shake a stick at. (Urgh, don’t check ‘trypophobia’ up. You’re gonna freak yourself out.)

The main plot was actually ‘a rise to power’ and ‘from nothing to something’, which is why Crimson ends up saying that sentence (“You’ve gone from having nothing to everything you could possibly desire.”) Like Shadow Phenomenon it also has an element of ‘dreams come true’ - that was the original intention before I brought in the shonen fighting for Shadow Phenomenon. There was going to be a bigger ‘fame’ element which is why the quote does seem a little out of place - after all almost everyone wants fame, fortune and friends - but because I couldn’t handle the romance I just cut it there.

As I said in some author’s notes Mahou Sensei Negima was the influence this time which is why the weird ‘fall on the girl’ incident appeared. However I got into Suite Precure lately and the video call at the start was inspired by Hibiki. There, the embarrassing thing has been said. That ‘have self belief and you’ll have powers’ is also very mahou shoujo, isn’t it? But that’s just me and my magic fixation.

The next thing on the agenda is a superhero story. Yeah, I guess you were expecting that someday but be prepared for anything. As far as I have it planned there’ll be four heroes, gods and a reappearance of one particular Ro.Te.O angel so it may be a Ro.Te.O revival (at least in part).

Anyway, drop by later for the next big thing!

- Ending transmission 16 (final omake) -


The Future is Crimson trans. 15 -end-

Here’s a short chapter to end with.

- Starting transmission 15 –

Many weeks later, the girls had planned a twilight picnic to cheer themselves up about losing Daichi to Hanaka.

At said picnic, Kai scribbled away on her MB and showed it to everyone. ‘Why not we have a contest? The ones with the most beautiful and the most powerful moves as deemed by everyone at this picnic will get these!’ She had drawn an arrow pointing to two cakes positioned underneath the book. Everyone’s affirmative responses gave a competitive atmosphere to what was supposed to be a relaxing picnic.

As the sky turned midnight blue, Daichi pulled out his trump card – Toshio’s special ‘firefly sky’ move. Everyone except the creator of the move gasped in wonder, and it was unanimous as to who took the cake (both literally and figuratively).

As to who got the other cake, that couldn’t be decided because Reika and Hanaka teamed up to do their display. This time, everyone added in their magic, although Brielle had to be forced to add hers. (Strangely enough, Crimson was the one who got her to do it.)

After everyone got back to eating and the reactions had stopped, Crimson brandished an empty thermos like it was a microphone and started talking in a news reporter voice.

“Brielle, are you ever going to get rid of that jealousy streak, my old friend?” he asked, poking the ‘microphone’ into her face.

“Not if you’re going to be so annoying! I’m not your ‘friend’, either!” she cried, shoving the thermos away while Crimson clung on to it.

“To Daichi now. You have gone from having nothing to having everything you could ever desire. What are your thoughts?” Crimson asked Daichi.

“Well, all I can say is that I couldn’t have done it without any of you guys,” Daichi told him.

“But it all began with me,” Crimson mused, making a fake thinking face.

“Of course!” Nic intruded, his inhuman eye suddenly gleaming with the light of the stars as well as faux anger.

Daichi, with a smile on his face, agreed with a, “What he said,” a sweatdrop and a thumb pointing to the cyborg.

- Ending transmission 15 and ‘The Future is Crimson’ –

That’s pretty much the end, although I did rush the ending a little bit because I wanted to get it done…ahaha. That’s just like me.

The Future is Crimson trans. 14

- Starting up transmission 14 –

After school, Daichi went to Hanaka’s place (without Crimson) for a rather welcome change…but found that Toshio was there too!

“With a name like mine, it would be pretty obvious that I had someone like him in my family,” Hanaka told him, keeping back laughter at his surprised face. “He’s my cousin.”

As Toshio tied up his long dark hair and gave Daichi’s gawking face a questioning look, Hanaka finally let out her laughter.

Later, Hanaka pressured Toshio into giving Daichi those magic lessons.

“Such a pushy girl,” he muttered as the two strolled to the park in the late afternoon light. “I don’t even know why I’m related to her.” It was a good thing Daichi didn’t hear though because he would have gotten offended in her place.

The sky was tinted yellow with wisps of orange as they finally reached a forest clearing.

Despite that comment Toshio had made earlier, Daichi noticed the resemblance in the movements when they cast their magic because Toshio did another demonstration of that ‘meteor shower’ move – it was almost as if they were doing some kind of elegant dance. No wonder everyone was entranced with the guy.

The sky soon became dark and Toshio had one last surprise for his student – by doing a mini variant of the ‘meteor shower’ move, he made the sky fill with firefly-like lights.

When Daichi got home, he noticed Crimson was flipping through a photo archive MB.

“Nic’s a very odd chap, isn’t he?” the redhead asked, showing Daichi a photo. In it, a younger Daichi and Nic, looking exactly the same as he did now but with his inhuman eye gleaming in some light, were standing together, the animotus ruffling the boy’s hair.

“He’s been around for a while. I can’t really remember witnessing his resurrection but apparently, his soul was attached to a toy robot that was missing parts.”

As the half-robot listened into this conversation, Daichi continued while sipping lemon tea. “They couldn’t separate his soul from it so they had to bring the robot to life instead, using the parts of old action figures to make him the way he is.”

Nic’s parts clunked as he walked away, his inhuman eye shining in the dim light with something akin to nostalgia.

A few days later, the couple were at a café – this time it was the date. Unbeknownst to the couple, Reika, Brielle, Kai and Crimson were spying on them. They were in the know soon enough, however, because if three’s a crowd, four is just too big.

As they got shoved away from the café, Kai jotted on her MB: “I’m actually kinda happy for those two.”

Reika just sighed and nodded. Maybe she should feel happy for them after all.

- Ending transmission 14 -

The beginning of this chapter used to be a ‘Daichi refuses’ ending but the original says he has to accept so he did.

As for the lemon tea, that’s just my preference.