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Resurrected Angels: Memories 3

- Zerachiel/Katsuo –

An angel, dressed in the traditional garb and his long dark hair tied loosely at the back, scowled at a boy with brunette hair, genuine fear in his brown eyes and a stump of a left arm. As the boy stumbled backwards, Muriel, the adult angel, poked this stump with a thin finger and snarled, “No one wants a crippled angel,” then turned away. The boy Zerachiel knew Muriel’s statement was wrong but couldn’t help taking this to heart.

After all Zerachiel had suffered through, he would always think that the first few years of his life had been the best he’d ever known - they consisted of him, his brother Gabriel, his parents and of course Avisel. On his tenth birthday, Avisel had alerted him to his fate – as an angel serving another god – and the next day, Avisel transported him to the dimension he was needed in.

When Zerachiel told an angel superior to Muriel (Peter) about his troubles, the latter bestowed the younger angel with a gift – an arm made of black orichalcum. After the angel Peter melded this gift to Zerachiel’s stump the younger angel had no more trouble, because he was a natural at using his powers.

Katsuo was the unloved child in the care of his mother. His father had died not long after his twelfth birthday, leaving him to seek refuge in the form of Tetsuya’s parents. They allowed Katsuo to stay, giving him just as much care as their four children, and he even had his own guest bed reserved for him whenever he came.

No wonder Tetsuya was jealous.


At school, everyone bowed down to him because of the strategic use of charisma.

There was one person who he could never conquer in this way, though – Setsuna, a brunette classmate. With her grace, smarts and her doll-like appearance, she would have been a great asset to him and whatever purpose he wanted to use her for. He tried everything to get her on his good side but the two just ended up in denial of each other.

One day five years ago while attempting to do so yet again, he discovered the truth about her…about himself…and about his cousin.

It was almost the end of the year and Katsuo, being the class rep, was busy organising the class Christmas party while the teacher was missing in action. Setsuna was passing out Christmas chocolates until one student complained, and soon all the students were venting at them.

Setsuna cried, “I didn’t do anything weird to those chocolates, did I?”

The chocolates in question didn’t look weird but when Katsuo bit down on one, a bitter taste flooded his mouth. Suddenly, everything looked different – Setsuna, instead of wearing the white shirt/blue skirt/leather shoes combo that all the girls were meant to wear at this school, was in a blue kimono. Every other student’s head was surrounded with a grey cloud, and when he looked down at himself he saw himself in a white sleeveless shirt, leather pants and brown vest.

Then Tetsuya burst through the door and Katsuo blurted out, “Gabe? Gabriel? I can’t feel my head…” to the blonde’s confusion.

Setsuna’s eyes opened visibly with panic, having figured out what the chocolate had done to him. The source of this chocolate weirdness, Katsuo’s muddled head found out soon enough, was one of their classmates who’d been one of the first to pick by pure chance – Peter, resident Katsuo wannabe with the almost identical looks to match.

“Asmodeus!” Katsuo screamed as Tetsuya tried to keep him under control.

Tetsuya eventually went to call their teacher while Setsuna sprang to action, transforming into the angel Raphael who, like Katsuo had seen, wore a blue kimono. As Katsuo looked on at her true form, all effects of the chocolate wore off.

Meanwhile, Peter also took this opportunity to transform. As the demon in the long shirt and jeans (Asmodeus) got ready to launch another strike Katsuo lost consciousness…only to be slapped by an invisible force of Asmodeus’s. However he wasn’t fully aware of this attack because his eyes were glowing white and when he spoke it was Avisel’s voice that came out.

“I’m taking back your angel for the rest of eternity,” Katsuo – actually it was a possessed Zerachiel now – spoke in the calm voice of the god. With that, Zerachiel summoned a beam of white light from outside, which transformed the sinner into the fallen angel Sariel and sent him to sleep.

Raphael just gaped while Zerachiel took a snooze, never to wake up until the healing angel had used her powers on him. After that, she muttered a spell under her breath to put the rest of the class to sleep, woke everyone using another spell and detransformed in the nick of time.

When Katsuo rose, he thought it was a dream but all the new memories residing in his head told him it wasn’t.


Reading volume 47 in English, it was hard not to laugh. Gosho’s comment about the 2004 Olympics makes its Japanese counterpart approx. 10 years old already, but the volume itself (released in July 2013 according to the Case Closed magnifying glass/credits page) is only about one year old! Also,…

Character meme!

  • character i’d like to see in a flower crown:

  • character i’d like to see have an emotional breakdown:

  • character i’d like to see get punched in the face:

  • character most likely to sing along to journey songs in the car:

  • character most likely to step on lego:

  • character who always stubs their toes on the washing machine:

  • character who changes their starbucks order ten times:

  • character who shows up late for everything:

  • character who is the worst kisser:

  • character who takes 45 minutes showers:

  • character who gets most bent out of shape over the pronunciation of gif:

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    the symbol's called an interrobang) if you want me to do this.

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In this page of file 901, it shows sera coming out of the bath and that mysterious little girl sleeping on a bed.
This little girl probably was watching the Shogi match and fell asleep.

This scene has not much of a spoiler and has hardly any information given to the readers about that little girl’s identity.

It just makes me more curious about that little girl somehow…

☃名探偵コナン File 901 (Chinese raws)

I am not perfect at Chinese but I’ll give it a shot…some of this is guesswork so please correct me if I’m wrong haibara-aptx. (Each new paragraph is a new frame, and { } contain my comments about what comes immediately beforehand whereas [ ] contain my amendment.)

Update: Changed after seeing a Japanese raw of part of this page.

I finished bathing!

—*sigh* [She’s] sleeping already?

Huh? The TV remote…

What was she watching beforehand?



Resurrected Angels: Memories 2

Resurrected Angels: Memories 2

- Gabriel/Tetsuya –

Gabriel was the clingy friend who spent way too much time with Avisel, and it was through this that he became Avisel’s messenger. He was quite confused about where he stood in the world and that was a major flaw – if he were to go through resurrection he might end up as something completely different to an angel!

Gabriel’s brother Zerachiel was, according to him, annoying and overshadowed him in everything but he would never trade Zerachiel for anyone else.

Avisel raised him to be good at using the air type, but the truth was that Gabriel was a dual typed angel who possessed both the water and air types. However, Raphael possessing the water type would be enough…


Gabriel was immediately greeted by a smile from Lucifer when the angel group met for the first time. He didn’t know what to do, so he didn’t reciprocate the friendly gesture. Zerachiel and Lucifer were best friends from the beginning, though, and Gabriel actually envied him for that.


Once Avisel had created a house for all the second in commands, Lucifer and Gabriel got paired up. Initially, the messenger angel complained about this placement but Avisel wouldn’t hear of it.

After going on a particular job under Avisel’s command, Gabriel was coated in ice from being attacked by a bunch of ice type demons.

“Here, let me,” Lucifer told him, melting the ice with fire from his palms.

Gabriel wasn’t listening to Lucifer because some water type demons were fluttering in behind him and he blasted them away with his powers. A chill ran through the air type angel’s bones as the demons struggled to get up but he chose to ignore it, then rock demons swarmed in. Lucifer gave them some fire bullets but it didn’t affect them too much. Gabriel knew both were doomed…

…but then, from his hands, water started to drip. He turned it into an orb and flung it at them in the nick of time.

After many more jobs, Gabriel and Lucifer became the best of friends as well. 


At the great battle, Gabriel was immediately tackled by an angel in gold armour. “Your name’s Gabriel, right? Terrafer’s told me all about you!” (Speaking of the demon king, he was chatting to Lucifer at that point in time.) Then he held out his hand, sparkling with electricity. Obviously Gabriel wouldn’t fall for that.

The angel darted away between the other angels locked in combat, the demon in gold pursuing him. Lucifer, meanwhile, was shooting fireballs at those who wouldn’t stand a chance against him and as Gabriel went into a barrel roll Astaroth reached out and zapped him with a lethal dose of electricity. A scream of agony escaped the white angel’s lips as he plummeted to the ground.

Tetsuya’s best friend was his uncle Daisuke. Daisuke’s glasses and hairstyle (his hair notably the shade between Tetsuya’s and Katsuo’s) made everyone mistake him to be Tetsuya’s father, but the mature cerulean eyes and sallow cheeks were the tipoffs to his true identity – Katsuo’s father. His clumsiness also reminded some of his son.

The man in question loved looking at the stars on clear nights, so both Katsuo and Tetsuya would often join him on outings to observe the sky and the cousins, having spent so much time together, were like ‘brothers from another mother’, to put it that way. (In all truth they were, just not in that timeline.)

Unfortunately, Daisuke spent many hours working then the same amount of time hanging with his friends at the bar…and after Tetsuya and Katsuo saw him last, it created a huge rift between them because he’d been murdered. When he was declared dead, he was lying dead on the black carpet floor, shards of glass surrounding and impaling his head. Some of them were from his glasses but most of them were green and were found to be from a bottle the deceased had been drinking from recently. Even though the killer (a workaholic employed at the bar who had previously been unable to work because of an injury Daisuke had caused) was brought to justice, Tetsuya and Katsuo didn’t know why he was dead and each believed the other had caused Daisuke to be killed.

After this, Tetsuya withdrew from having friends and instead worked on his studies. With diligence, he became top of the class but became obsessed with keeping them like that. The only other things that kept him sane were anime and urban fantasy books.

After getting into high school, he refused Ryou’s constant nudges to hang out with him but when a project forced them to work together the rebel was impressed with what Tetsuya contributed.

One day not long after starting a new school year, two boys from Washima High passed by. One – the blonde, Ryan – became noticeably shocked as he noticed Tetsuya…then both Washima boys transformed into demons. Somehow the plot of one of his urban fantasy books had been brought to life.

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Resurrected Angels: Memories 1

This omake section will explore the past, both for a character as an angel and a human…only because in the story there won’t be time to cover them all.

- Lucifer/Ryou –

Once Lucifer was carefree and had the personality to go with it. He was always the one who reassured Avisel that it was alright to let go and be funny once in a while, and this was what got him into the angel god’s inner circle of friends. The only good uses Lucifer had for his magic were to create firecrackers and fireworks but knowing Avisel’s team, Lucifer would be an asset to it.

 “Throw me a fireball!” Avisel demanded, only for Lucifer to make the right hand movements…and give him a cloud of smoke instead. Oh boy, was this going to take a lot of training.


After Lucifer became a lot more competent (but it took a few hundred years!), the angels met for the first time. Immediately Lucifer grinned at Gabriel, hoping to be friends from the get-go, but the messenger angel didn’t reciprocate it. He and Katsuo, however, hit it off really well.

“I have something to tell you,” Avisel confessed to Lucifer after the meeting, “Terrafer…he was made with you as the template!” Lucifer just sat there, bug eyed.


Once Avisel had established a community out of the emptiness of heaven, he arranged a house for his second in commands. As if it were fate, Lucifer and Gabriel got to share a room.

The two took up various jobs under Avisel’s command, Lucifer settling into the place as the star of the team while Gabriel ended up as second fiddle. However, the two eventually had enough confidence to share secrets and tag team with each other and all jealousy between them was lost.


At the first great battle, he got to meet the demon king in question.

“Surprised?” the god chortled, noticing the tiny red angel and knowing the angel was the template for himself. “Although we don’t look the same I know we still think the same way…” With that, he touched the angel’s forehead with a large finger, brainwashing him. Then Lucifer sped off, attacking all the angels that were weak against fire…and he didn’t realise his wings were being tinted poinsettia red as he shot down the angels. It almost looked like his wings were bleeding…

Raphael had to splash him with water to stop him from sinning more than he already had, and even after he’d been brought down, he tried to reignite the dead sparks of his flames once more.

Ryou was a rather attention deficit kid but he meant no harm. He got along well with everyone and was always ‘popular’ due to knowing all the latest while keeping his marks to a sufficient standard (for him which meant awesome in English and maths but average in everything else), but he wasn’t listened to when things got out of hand. Nor did he ever become angry.

However, some of his childhood friends turned to theft before they even got to high school. Ryou wanted to keep being with them but couldn’t bring himself to steal anything…so instead of robbing the nearby convenience store like his group planned, he got his ears pierced. The other boys bashed him up for it but he got away, confused, bleeding and feeling empty inside.

Upon entering high school, he was no longer seen as ‘popular’ but still seen as cool, setting standards was still his thing. His brilliant/average marks in class were now counteracted using disruptions of all sorts, from accidentally setting off the fire alarm to purposefully making the teacher have a headache. Tetsuya, a guy in his class who he’d decided would be his friend from the first day, never wanted himself to be associated with him…until one day, not too long after starting a new school year.


People who are following me, send me an anime that I don’t reblog with a list of the main characters. I’ll search then up and dump it into a slideshow with my first impressions. 

Please :D

Star Driver - Takuto of the Radiance


  • Takuto Tsunashi - the ‘Galactic Pretty Boy’ who managed to swim across the sea to get to his new school. Has a X shaped scar on his chest.
  • Wako Agemaki - a seemingly ordinary girl known as the south maiden. She saves Takuto after he washes up on the beach. 
  • Sugata Shindou - the one betrothed to Wako against his will and a childhood friend of hers. Is quite mysterious.
  • Sakana-chan - the north maiden to Wako’s south. Spends a lot of time in the company of Head.
  • Head - A purple haired guy. Plans to do something with the Cybodies (Cybodies are giant mechas)…

Since I haven’t gotten too far into the series myself that’s all I’ll reveal.